How leafleting staff can help in promoting your business?

Whether you need to get the message out about new products or services to people living in a certain area or you want to raise awareness of your business to professionals by targeting a busy travel hub, leafleting staff can help to promote your business to the right people.

Planning an effective leafleting campaign

Should you be dropping flyers door to door or distributing leaflets at a city centre bus station? An expert leafleting distribution company can consult on the best strategy to help achieve your objectives and deliver a plan that will generate the return on investment you need.

Leafleting is a good way to catch the eye of many different demographics. You need to plan where your target audience will be; for instance, it might be that flyering residential addresses is not the most effective way to target mums, but you could try handing out leaflets near a city centre with lots of coffee shops or near a sports centre over the weekends. Alternatively, how about flyering outside flats if you are looking to sell to millennials?

All ideas for flyering locations will be subject to appropriate permissions being sought, of course, but this is part of the planning process that a staffing agency will advise you on. Finding the best locations and times for reaching the people you want to reach is part of the support we provide to our clients.

Leafleting door to door is an effective way to raise awareness of local products and services or to serve notices on local government initiatives or infrastructure. We will plan a route and brief staff on what they need to achieve. Monitoring is possible via mobile apps, which can give clients a live picture of how their leafleting campaign is spreading the word about their business.

Track your results by including promo codes and unique URLs on your leaflets; in this way, the ROI of each leaflet can be calculated and the cost per acquisition compared with other marketing tactics.

Staffing a leafleting drop

Promoting your brand with a leafleting campaign is not only about designing and printing the flyers but also about how the staff who are handing out the leaflets engage with the people they are giving them to. Leafleting distributors should be trained to understand the objectives of the campaign and the opportunities for making it as effective as possible.

Promo staff should be aware of everything they can do to get your leaflets into the rights people’s hands and how they can answer questions and direct interested people to further information as quickly as possible. Coordinating a fantastic team of staff for your leafleting distribution campaign is what we do to create outstanding results, so get in touch today to discuss staffing your next leafleting campaign.

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