How to Effectively Plan a Leafleting Campaign in London

London is a lively, bustling city attracting thousands of commuters and tourists every day. Approximately one million workers commute in and out of the city every day, and an estimated nine million live in and around the capital.

Many businesses rely on leaflet distribution in London and leafleting campaigns to get their message across and attract new customers, whether it is special offers, new businesses, one-off promotions or to publicise events.

Before committing to leaflet distribution in London, it is worth considering some key factors, and planning your campaign should always be at the heart of any decision-making.


Your budget is key, as this will determine the number of leaflets you print, how wide a catchment area you can cover and how many leafleting staff are required.


Anyone being handed a leaflet will make an immediate decision on first glance about whether or not they are interested in the message. Make sure the design is eye-catching and your message is clear and prominent on the page. If you are offering a discount or special offer, make sure this is easy to see and also easy to use. People are busy, and if they need to spend time completing online forms or logging on to websites, they will either forget or simply decide it isn’t worth their time.


It is a good idea to identity your leaflets with a code so that you can monitor the response and success of your campaign. For example, if the leaflet includes a voucher which needs to be exchanged for a discount, you can easily see how many are redeemed.


The downside of leafleting is paper wastage, and in today’s world more and more people are becoming environmentally aware and trying to reduce their wastage. When ordering your leaflets, always discuss with your printers what the paper options are, and make sure your leafleting staff are briefed so as they can respond to any queries from passers-by.


It is a good idea to prepare a quick brief for the staff who will be involved in the leaflet distribution in London. Give them as much information as they need and answer any questions you think they may be asked. When distributing your leaflets, they are representing you and your company, so how they present themselves is important.


However tempting it is to target everyone, this isn’t always necessary and results in wastage. Think about your target market and age group and then the best places to target your audience. For example, if you want to attract young adults, universities and colleges are ideal places to leaflet, and if it’s parents with young children you’re looking to attract, then look for areas with parks and playgrounds nearby. Don’t forget the commuters and pedestrian routes near train stations.

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