How to Engage with Your Potential Customers Effectively

You have your product, your business is up and running, so where are the customers? Why aren’t people knocking down the door to buy? It might be that they are just not engaging with your brand.

Customers are the absolutely key element to the success of your business, so it’s imperative that you engage with them effectively. That goes beyond endlessly pitching them for a sale. It today’s marketplace, engaging customers is about interacting with them and offering something of value.

Emotional Connection

In a digital age, it’s more important than ever to offer a human side to your communications. Greet people by name (even if you’re using an automated email) and sign off social media encounters as the person who has actually responded, rather than with the company name or logo.

Experiential Marketing

Build on the emotional connection by practising experiential marketing that appeals to all potential consumers’ senses. A campaign of product sample distribution will allow customers to see, taste and smell your product and understand your brand.

Technological Advances

Without doubt, technology has improved marketing, especially in terms of personalisation and reporting. Beyond sharing content, though, use technology to learn more about your customers, what they want and their motivation. That will also help you to better engage them with future posts.

Host a Competition

A contest or prize draw can also help as a tool for product sample distribution. Ask people to share their content (for example, photos of them with your product) or to participate in polls or similar votes and award prizes or discounts. The prospect of ‘free stuff’ is often compelling to people – just be sure to make it easy for them.

Write a Blog

Add some value for your customers and give them something extra and relevant in the form of well-written, informative blog posts that position your brand as a leader in the industry and not just a sales machine. A good blog, with regular posts, helps customers to understand your brand and get to know you and builds their trust. It also helps from a search engine perspective too. Don’t be self-promoting all the time. Rather, talk about the industry and offer advice and solutions to regular ‘problems’ people have where your company might be able to provide a solution. If writing isn’t a particular skill within your company, there are lots of agencies or freelance writers happy to help.

The ideas set out here are broad, and you will need to tailor them to your particular industry or product. Ultimately, the most straightforward way to understand how to engage with your potential customers – often so obvious it is overlooked – is to ask them! Create a simple survey and ask both existing and potential customers a single question or a set about how you should be presenting a product or communicating with them. The only ‘rule’ for this is that you must be prepared to listen to the results, even if they are not the answers you wanted.

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