How to opt for the best lead generation agency in London

In this article we take a look at how to go about finding the best lead generation agency in London and the fundamentals surrounding this important business aspect as lead generation in London, as with anywhere else in the country, is important for business growth.

What is lead generation

In essence, a lead is a person who has shown interest in your company’s service or products. This might be from taking an online survey on say how to increase your fitness levels. You would be far more open to having communication with them after taking the survey than you would from a gym cold calling you. Your survey responses will also help the company personalise future communications with you. A win-win all round.

How it works

Lead generation in London or Leeds is a way of encouraging potential customers to interact with your business with the ultimate aim being to buy your products. This might be via things such as blog posts, coupons, live events and online content. Online content, for example, is a way to guide potential customers to a landing page. By providing lots of useful and free information and a ‘call to action’ button, content can encourage visitors to move to the page you want them to.

A study from 2015 found that email was the best lead generator, cited by 89% of those surveyed. Content marketing followed and then search engines and finally, events. Search engines, direct traffic and web referrals were shown to be most effective in a study from 2014.

A word of warning

Don’t buy leads. It may be quicker and easier but remember, bought leads don’t know you, your company, services or products. They have not directly opted in to hear from you. Therefore, when you contact them, your communication is unwanted and therefore intrusive. It is always better to grow your leads organically over time.

Qualifying a lead

Here are some examples:

A job applicant is a lead for your company’s recruitment team having shown interest in your organisation by filling out an application form. Another example is names and email addresses gathered from online coupons.

How much information is enough information to gauge whether people are really interested in your company depends on the type of business you are in.

Scoring a lead

This approach requires assigning a numerical value to determine the level of interest. For example, a person would score a high value if they regularly engaged with you on your social media platforms and you are on the path to customer generation!


This article is only just the beginning. You need to constantly measure your results, making changes and improving your service to increase conversion rates when running campaigns. You also need to keep in touch with your sales team and keep testing and tweaking your offers; that way you will keep improving.

Our advice is to keep creating great offers, calls to action and landing pages and promote them in multi-channel environments.


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