How useful can a lead generation agency be for your business?

You have a great new product and you know you should be marketing but you just don’t have the time or the resources or don’t know where to start. Somebody at a networking event mentioned you contact a lead generating agency but you aren’t sure it would be a worthwhile investment.

Listen to that advice and take a look into lead generation as it can be a powerful tool in your whole marketing strategy.

What is lead generation?

You have heard the phrase and the thought of cold calling may come to mind. Not to worry, it’s more sophisticated than that. To put it simply, lead generation is the process of identifying prospective customers for your product or service. That prospective customer is known as a lead and the key aspect of lead generation is that the customer will have shown an interest in your business product or service.

In marketing terms there are two types of broad channels for generating leads; outbound marketing and inbound marketing. Outbound will include channels such as TV or radio advertising, trade show booths or video adverts, essentially outbound marketing will interrupt somebody to get their attention.

Inbound marketing is much more organic and draws your customer to you through channels such as blogs, public speaking, search engine optimisation or press and PR.

Why is lead generation important?

Identifying prospective customers who already have an interest in your product is going to create more successful outcomes for a sales team. The bottom line is that it can save you time and money to bring in increased sales.

The challenges of lead generation

Customers have little time in a world full of information, so they are getting more and more savvy in how to filter out what they consider unnecessary or irrelevant information. Getting their attention is much easier if they already have an interest in your company.

Having the resources to generate enough leads for your sales team is another big challenge. In-house lead generation will divert you from your core activities.

Let’s not forget GDPR and guidelines that exist to ensure your campaigns and activities are compliant also.

Let an agency take the strain

Using a lead generation agency is a great strategy as they can hire and focus skilled resources on the task allowing you to do what you do best. A good agency can do a lot more than just digital marketing and will have resources that can take on face to face marketing with flexible promo staff or trained telephone staff who can follow up with individuals. Most importantly, an agency will ensure you stay on the right side of the law and maintain your brand reputation.

If you haven’t yet considered lead generation as part of your next campaign, it’s time to think again.

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