How your business can benefit from experiential marketing

Research shows that it gets results for the client

Experiential marketing creates an experience for consumers and connects them to a brand in a personal and meaningful way. It’s a means of marketing that can be seen, heard and felt, capitalising on all the senses. This is undoubtedly a growing trend that engages the customers and creates emotional attachments to products and services offered by brands which want to put themselves on the map.

In the digital age, creating an exciting hands-on experience for customers almost goes against the current trend. However, with more business being conducted on websites, experiential marketing is increasing in importance. Research has shown that it gets results, and it allows consumers to experience brands in a novel way that has not been done previously.

Experiential marketing allows consumers to emotionally connect with a brand, and in the growing and burgeoning era of social media and online photographic sharing sites, this is an essential element which has contributed to its roaring success.

The fact is that it will work for any business, no matter what the sector, and it has been proven time and time again. If it wasn’t successful, these marketing methods would not be grabbing people’s attention. Consumers generally have a more positive view of a business or brand following an experiential event, and this leads to the product or service being purchased or promoted on social media. Consumers then become regular buyers and loyal customers of the brand which helps to grow the business and provides an excellent return – all thanks to the power and uniqueness of experiential marketing.

Top brands make use of experiential marketing

Non-traditional, interesting and engaging marketing methods, drummed up by an experiential marketing agency, are used to hook the consumer and get him or her to remember the brand. These, in turn, create stronger connections as people are engaged in the experience and form a positive opinion. Many of the top brands in food, drink, entertainment, travel and sport have made use of experiential marketing to evolve and become more noticeable in an increasingly competitive marketplace.

It’s an area of marketing that is rising and shows no signs of ending. Staff in agencies are fully trained and are hands-on and creative, accustomed to linking brands with their target audience. The better the experiences for the audience, the more attention they will pay to that particular brand. Many agencies boast long-lasting relationships with their clients, with some spanning decades.

Brands are brought to life through these campaigns which are creative, fun and memorable. An experiential marketing agency specialises in helping brands create authentic campaigns whether that’s targeted at a local audience, or globally. It helps brands to present their products to consumers, establishing connections with them. Brands capitalise on the ways in which people use social media, encouraging them to photograph and document their original content, thus increasing the reach of the brand. These experiential campaigns are fun and memorable, providing long-lasting images.

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