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Employing an agency to help with a sampling campaign is an effective way of raising awareness of your brand or a specific product and ultimately in driving sales. Beyond the seemingly simple idea of ‘free stuff’, a carefully planned and executed programme of sampling can give consumers the opportunity to have a meaningful interaction with your brand. Communication is a two-way process and promotional staffing agencies can also support with obtaining feedback from consumers, which can be crucial in understanding your customers and their buying habits.

Face to face

Having this personal interaction brings an experience to life and can have a much greater impact than any print or digital advertising. A live demonstration of a product will have a more lasting impression, which is key to building brand awareness.

Create a buzz

With so much ‘noise’ around us every day and so many different brands competing for our attention, it can be easy for a message to lost. Create some cut-through with a ‘stunt’ to raise awareness and grab people’s attention. Promotional staffing agencies can help to promote your brand in creative and innovative ways that get you noticed. Above all, the promotion must be fun, memorable, and something that consumers want to share and talk about. Word of mouth advertising remains the most trusted form.

Take to the streets

Street marketing might sound expensive; however, for cost efficiency and return on investment, it can be a very powerful part of a brand or marketing manager’s toolkit. Segmenting your audience is important; for example, it is important to know where they live, where they work, where they shop and what they buy. Once you have established this information, you can use a street team to carefully target your audience or a segment of it. Marketing your brand in this way works for all sort of brands – big or small, new or established – and can work for all budgets.

Sampling is one way to use a street team. Another option is to use promotional staff to do live demonstrations to show everything a product has to offer.


Any of these options can be very effective when done well; however, if they are poorly executed, they can impact negatively on your brand. Therefore, it is so important to choose an agency with experience. Be clear about your objectives and your target audience and go into as much detail as possible about their likes and dislikes, motivations and habits. Choose an experienced agency that can match the right staff to your brand; in this way, they will be able to promote it effectively, build awareness and drive loyalty.

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