Is Your Product Sampling In London’s Tube Stations Effective?

As the oldest underground rail system in the world, the London tube network sees in excess of five million passengers daily, making it a vast and lucrative area to market from when it comes to executing a tube station product sampling campaign.

Reports also show that passengers tend to enjoy the traditional ads and billboards within tubes and tube stations because they can break up the otherwise claustrophobic environment and bring interest and distraction to their journey. But when it comes to product sampling campaigns within the London underground, can it really work?

The numbers

The short answer is yes – product sampling campaigns at tube and train stations can be highly effective. Consider the sheer volume of people passing through these places on a daily basis. The footfall is huge, possibly more so than a high street or shopping centre. A transport study suggests that three million of us use the train every single day, the tube network is considerably higher. So, the London underground is certainly the place to be if you want to reach the masses.

The motivation

But thinking beyond numbers, we need to consider the motivation of the people who are there. Most will be on their daily commute meaning the likelihood is you could see them twice a day. Others might be travellers and tourists, looking to fill their leisure time between connections. In either case it gives you an opportunity to build a rapport with these people. Your commuters may become familiar and you may become a familiar addition to their day. Your travellers may have the time and inclination to engage more with you and learn more about the product as they sample. Giving them a positive impression of your personality, ethos and brand objectives means they will go off to varying towns and cities and ideally spread the word of that positive interaction that took place at the tube station.

The benefits

But let’s face it, the majority of people passing through a London tube station won’t have the time to stop and engage. That’s not always a bad thing. Lower engagement with higher sample rate can make for a highly successful tube station product sampling campaign. And while you might not have the luxury of a large stall (sampling zones within tube stations are often limited to a 2m x 2m diameter) this also cuts out your overhead costs and almost pushes the marketer into finding new, innovative and eye catching ways to grab the attention of passersby from such a small platform.

The London underground really is an advertising platform like no other. You can reap the rewards of incredibly high samples with minimum engagement for a small cost. Your innovation and creative skills will also be showcased as you carry out your tube station product sampling event from a small and unique location.

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