Leaflet distribution – one of the most useful methods of business promotion

The distribution of leaflets – either on the streets or through letterboxes – is a highly effective method of getting your business out there into the world. Since 1994, this sector has grown rapidly and is estimated to be worth almost £1bn in the UK. Let’s look at why this method of marketing is so effective.

Leaflets are tangible

One huge factor in the effectiveness of leaflet distribution in London is the fact that leaflets are solid, tangible items that can be held in the hand. Unlike emails, which can be ignored without being opened or – even worse – caught up in a spam filter, a leaflet will be noticed when it comes into the hand of the prospective customer.

Even if a leaflet is ultimately discarded, it will have made far more of an impact to the recipient than an unwanted, unseen email.

Leaflets can be targeted directly

In a similar manner to email marketing, leaflet distribution in London can be targeted very specifically. Whether handing leaflets out on the streets to people who meet a certain demographic or sending leaflets to a certain area through the mail or even targeting individual mailing list members, you can reach a very precise group with your leaflets. However, unlike your emails, an eye-catching leaflet handed to somebody will almost certainly be looked at, if not read fully.

Grabbing the interest

As we are confident that a leaflet will at least be looked at by the recipient, it is now time to turn their attention into interest. Ensuring that your leaflet will only reach those targeted by your organisation means that your product should be relevant to the person holding it in their hand.

An eye-catching design can make it stand out amongst other mail, whilst money-off vouchers or special offers provide an incentive for customers to act on your communication.

We have established relevance and provided a reason for the recipient of your leaflet to act on it.

A call to action

How your customers engage with your leaflets is key to their success. Provide potential customers with all the relevant forms of communication including your telephone number, web address, social media handles and indeed the location of your store. Ensuring a new customer knows precisely how to engage with your business can be a crucial factor in converting them into a purchaser.

Using offer codes can be a great way to track the effectiveness of your leaflets. An offer code that can be linked to your leaflets shows precisely how many customers have acted on your communication, providing a great insight into their relative success.

Whether handing out flyers in the street or marketing directly into people’s homes, eye-catching leaflets providing a call to action to potential customers represent a highly effective form of marketing.

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