Qualities and Skills to Look for in Exhibition Staff

Exhibitions and trade shows are ideal opportunities for you to connect with interested prospects and establish the beginnings of what could become highly valuable lasting relationships.

Whether you want to build long-term partnerships or forge a community of loyal customers, the staff you select to represent your brand on exhibition floors must have qualities that align with your brand image and the skill set to provide prospects with the information they need in ways that are engaging, meaningful and valuable.

If you are looking to hire exhibition staff in London, here are some of the primary qualities and skills to look for in each prospective candidate during the recruitment process.


The role of exhibition staff has evolved considerably over recent years. The days of walking the floor armed with a clipboard are long gone, and staff now need to understand how to effectively capture attention and play an active role in the lead generation process. This means that your exhibition staff should be outgoing and approachable and possess an authentic enthusiasm for your brand.

Lead Generation Skills

Generating valuable leads is not always easy, and with skilled staff on your side, your business should excel at every exhibition you attend. Experienced promotional staff will take the time to understand your lead generation strategy and apply their expertise in ways that will maximise results.

You will know you have the right team on board because they will focus keenly on leveraging their personality, skills and experience to engage the right prospects, ensure they feel comfortable, collect relevant data in ways that are ethical, and successfully direct them towards the next phase of the user journey.


Additionally, each member of your exhibition staff should fulfil a specific role to ensure each aspect of your lead generation strategy is covered. Experienced staff will understand the unique nuances of exhibition environments and identify how their skills will benefit both the wider team and your brand.

Effective teamwork is just as important as each staff member’s individual contribution to your exhibition show. You will generate more meaningful results by hiring a team with a diverse skill set where each team member has a clearly defined role that plays to their strengths.


When you invest time and energy into shaping a strong exhibition team, you need to know that they are going to turn up on the day ready and motivated to do their best. Working with an experienced staffing company will give you the peace of mind that your team will be reliable and prepared to drive the results you want to see.

Exhibition shows are complex, and your exhibition staff in London will need to have a keen eye for detail to ensure that everything runs smoothly. Potential leads will look to your team for information, which is why it is so vital that they are personable, experienced and reliable.

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