8 Questions You Should Ask Your Promotional Agency

Appointing a promotional agency is a fantastic way to get your brand name, product and/or services out there. Whether it’s a one-off event or a long-term promotional strategy, an agency can help by providing staff for your promotional activities and helping create marketing material. Before you appoint a promotional agency there are some things you need to establish before you go ahead and sign the contract. To help you get started here are eight key questions that you should be asking your promotional agency.

Who are your previous clients?

Ideally you should only be looking for promotional agencies that have worked with similar clients to yourself, so you know that they have some understanding of your sector. Once you know who they have worked with, you have the opportunity to contact these past clients for a testimonial. Those searching for promotional agencies UK based should find ones with a good web presence where previous clients are listed.

How do you measure success?

Check that the promotional company is more than just a load of hot air. The best promotional agencies UK has to offer generally have systems in place to measure the success of their promotional activities. You can use this to evaluate the worthiness of hiring an agency.

How do you appoint staff?

The staff they send for your promotions will be reflecting your brand, so it’s really important, therefore, that the staff is the right fit. You need to know how the agency goes about appointing staff and what sort of checks they do first.

How versatile are they?

Ideally you want a promotional company that ticks every box. As well as providing promotional staff, can the agency help with designing and producing promotional marketing material as well as a communications service?

What is the pricing structure?

There’s no point going ahead with a promotional service if you don’t know the price. Set your budget, get a quote and don’t sign anything until you know how much the service is going to cost.

Do they look for repeat business?

A promotional agency that wants you to come back and is keen to forge a long-term relationship is better than one that is happy to let you go. A long-term relationship means the agency cares about the growth of your company, not just about helping you in the short term.

How do they deal with last minute challenges?

Try to find out how they deal with last minute challenges, such as staffing issues. It’s important to know that they can still provide a service when things go wrong.

Will you have an appointed contact?

Ask whether you will be provided with an appointed contact with whom you can deal directly. If the agency can provide this to you it will make life easier for both parties.

These eight key questions will help you to ensure that you have found the right agency for your promotional needs.

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