Receive The Best End-To-End Service By Hiring A Promotional Staffing Agency In The UK

The use of promotional staff for street campaigns or other promo events is a tried and trusted way to get people talking about your brand or create a buzz around your new product or service. Staff may be used for street events, festivals and even at the doors of your own retail premises. The ROI on using promotional staff is high and therefore it’s well worth the investment, but many companies are put off by concerns about the hiring, managing and training of staff for events, as well as the marketing and design that the event requires. However, those firms that hire the services of a dedicated staffing agency specialising in promotions can enjoy a complete end-to-end service which includes every step of the process from the hiring and management of staff to the marketing of the event and the design of materials – even measuring the ROI at the end.

HR, management and training – out of your hands

Staff management such as training, HR and recruitment is not easy and anyone who owns or manages a business knows how time-consuming these processes can be. A promotional staffing agency employs its own staff, and therefore handles all elements of HR. This includes background checks, training and payroll, as well as finding the right staff for each event in the first place.

Marketing and design

A good agency will also be able to help with the design and marketing of the promotional event. This may include designing both digital and physical promotional material, as well as using various platforms to market the event.

Enjoy all-inclusive pricing

A reputable agency will provide you with an upfront, all-inclusive price. This makes budgeting for your campaign or street event far easier and means you don’t need to worry about unexpected costs or additional fees. Also, being able to provide your accounts department and CEO with a fixed cost helps enormously with internal relations!

ROI measurement

Measuring the effectiveness of a promotional street campaign is not easy, but a good promotional staffing agency will have the resources, knowledge and software that is required to effectively measure the ROI for you. Again, this helps when it comes to reporting back to management in order to justify the spend. It also makes it easier when it comes to pitching for a future event.

When it’s done well, the use of promo staff for a street event, festival or product release can make a huge difference to profits and brand awareness in general. It’s very clear that a good agency will be able to offer a fully inclusive service that starts with providing you with a all-inclusive, transparent fee, and is followed by the hiring, training, management and payment of staff and then the design of promotional material and the marketing of the event. An excellent agency will be able to provide you with a full, measurable ROI report.

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