Running a social media campaign alongside your promotional campaign?

When you’re planning your next product launch or an out of the box marketing campaign, it can be challenging to coordinate all elements – with the thought of running a social media campaign alongside your promotional campaign perhaps the last straw.

Combining social and street

At StreetPR, we know that a promotional staffing agency has got to offer more than just feet on the ground. We also provide inspiration and deliver on social media marketing alongside your street marketing, event or guerilla marketing promotional campaign, so the buzz online is as good as on the street.

We use the latest techniques to transfer your message from the street to online, whether you’re running a product sampling campaign or promotional event. If you need people to get involved we’ll help you run a #giveaway via social media that will drum up interest in your product and get the word spreading about your samples. Or we’ll get your product out to influencers like vloggers and bloggers who can resonate with your target audience.

Pop-up inspiration
When Cadbury’s popped up its creme egg cafe in 2016, it was a PR stunt that gave consumers a full-on sensory experience of the gooiest easter eggs around, as well as creating a splash on social media. It has returned each year since with fans encouraged to keep Instagramming and posting to social media while they’re enjoying cremeeggy chocolate heaven.

And did you see the Ghostbusters Marshmallow Man at London’s Waterloo station in 2016? He arrived in time for the new Ghostbusters movie, and station goers couldn’t wait to snap themselves in front of the giant ghostie, being encouraged to document their experience by event and promotional staff.

Did you see probably the best poster in the world? On London’s Brick Lane, Carlsberg, which is well known for being cool and clever with its marketing, unveiled a billboard that dispensed free beer. Passersby served themselves and created a great buzz on social media. The #probablythebest tag got over three million Twitter impressions in just one day.

As your promotional staffing agency, StreetPR could design a pop-up inspired by your brand that connects to your customers, managing activity across social media as well as organising events and other connected promotional activities.

Getting the best promotional connection

Street promotions are now about way more than handing out flyers, with social media giving us the chance to interact live with people who are engaging with the promotions around us and follow up with them after they’ve gone on with their day. Thanks to many people now having a smartphone, we’re a promotional staffing agency that can create amazing user experiences that get people to interact with us online and purchase your products while they’re on the move.

We’ll create a street marketing campaign that uses promotional staff to hand out samples but also connect with people via social media and capture connections which will last longer for your business than just one day on the street. We’ll answer all the questions about where to be, how many people need to be working, what flyers or samples or technology is needed, and pull together an engaging experience which immerses people in your brand and your products.

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