Seven qualities every global event staffing agency should have

Running an event involves many different components coming together; therefore, it is essential to have a good team that goes the extra mile. Let’s looks at the seven qualities required for success:

  1. Experience

Experience is usually essential and one of the qualities a global event staffing agency will look for when recruiting. In the hospitality and entertainment industry, the staff must be able to handle difficult situations. The team will pride itself on outstanding customer service, so experience in dealing with challenging situations that might arise is a good quality to have.

  1. Flexibility

Event staff should be flexible, given that there is a tremendous amount of work involved in setting up and running an event. Anyone who has previous experience of organising will understand how stressful the process can be. Particularly pressurised is the path leading up the event.

  1. An ability to stay calm

It is important for event staff to stay calm when under pressure; therefore, a global event staffing agency will look for this quality in a candidate. Event managers who are at the helm will have a contingency plan in place, so having a supportive team that can remain calm when under pressure will ease the burden.

  1. Reliability

It is imperative that event staff are reliable. This covers a huge spectrum, from being punctual to knowing they are accountable and – of course – following the task through to the end. Event staff who have previously demonstrated this quality make ideal team members.

  1. Availability

Event staff must be available when required. Experience, willingness and flexibility are excellent qualities to have in staff, but they must also be available.

The nature of the industry means covering evening and weekend hours. Depending on the event, from a wedding to a conference or concert, there can be early mornings or late nights. Having event staff who are available to help when needed is crucial to management.

  1. Engaging with a good personality

Event staff should be engaging and have a personality that shines through. Communication is an essential part of this job, so they should be articulate and friendly, down to earth and approachable.

The ability to be outgoing is another quality required in the business. Event staff will meet many people in the course of their job, so this is not a role for a shy person.

  1. Enthusiasm

Enthusiasm is also a much sought-after trait. Often the job can seem like an uphill struggle, so a degree of enthusiasm will motivate the team and help complete the task ahead. Enthusiasm will also lift the mood and enhance the work ethic of the whole team. Making the job fun should be a top priority.

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