Six convincing benefits of product sampling

When launching a new brand or promoting an existing one, studies repeatedly show that product sampling can be hugely worthwhile.

Product sampling essentially gives your consumers a free trial of your product. While this may come at a small cost, the benefits are likely to overshadow this by driving interest, giving consumers a taster of your product and enhancing sales – a report suggests that 73% of consumers said that they were more likely to buy a product after sampling it first. Here are some more reasons to consider offering free sampling in your next marketing campaign.

It creates brand awareness

A new brand may struggle to launch in a saturated market with so many well-known names. If you are launching a new product then it’s natural that consumers may feel unsure about it. With no experience or testimonials to go by, offering a product sample distribution means that you are eliminating the doubt from their mind and drumming up interest in your new brand. Think about it, if you walk into a store and see that there is a free sample on offer you’re far more likely to take an interest in the item and hopefully enjoy it enough to make a subsequent purchase.

Feedback and reviews

Offering free samples is a great way to get immediate feedback from your product and see how your consumers think that it stacks up against competing products. For a new product it could be the perfect way to gauge feedback and make any essential tweaks before committing it to market on a larger scale.


Following on from this train of thought, a product sample distribution could save you money in the long run. Ironing out any issues with your product at the sample stage will be far cheaper and simpler than waiting until it is on the shelf.

Social media

Most companies use social media platforms to advertise their products. Using the hashtag #giveaway on your social media will immediately drum up interest – and the beauty of social media is that the word can be spread in seconds with the click of a finger. Don’t forget to invite well-known bloggers or reviewers to try your product too.


Offering freebies to your consumers is a great way to build brand loyalty which will enhance your chances of gaining repeat customers. It is human nature for the consumer to form a positive association with a free product – they feel like they’ve been given a gift or granted a favour. If their sample experience is good then what’s not to love? It’s also a good way to thank existing consumers for their continued custom and support.

Engages the senses

Even the cleverest of marketing campaigns can’t convey the physical smell, taste or feel of a product. Only a sample can offer this. This probably explains why only 25% of consumers would be enticed to buy a product solely on the basis of a TV ad.

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