Six ways to attract potential customers to a business event

Business events are a great opportunity for increasing awareness of your brand or for sharing information about a new service or product; however, for many companies, getting potential customers to attend is the first hurdle to running a successful event. Here are six proven ways to attract potential customers to your event.

Product sample distribution

Everyone loves a freebie, which is why product sampling has been proven time and time again to be effective in attracting potential customers or clients to your event and keeping them there for longer. The best way to achieve effective product sample distribution is to hire dedicated event staff who are experienced in this area.

Bigger freebies

A sample of your product is a great way to get people in, but so is the promise of a larger gift or freebie. Popular at paid-for or free-but-bookable events is the distribution of gift bags, goodie bags, or branded merchandise such as stationery and water bottles. The promise of these gifts is an excellent way to ensure the spaces are sold at your business event.


In addition to samples of your products or larger merchandised freebies, another way to attract customers to your event is the promise of a discount. Make sure you get the discount right – it needs to be big enough to make attendance worthwhile for the potential customer but not so big that you will find your business making a loss.

Exhibition staff

Businesses that have booked a stand at an exhibition, forum or conference should consider the use of exhibition staff to help attract customers to your stand. Such staff are highly experienced at generating interest and leads to your stand, where your own experienced staff can take over and convert to a sale. Exhibition staff can also be used to hand out the aforementioned product samples, again attracting attention to your stand.


If you are holding an exciting event, the easiest way to get the word out there on the street is through good old-fashioned fliers. Fliers are instant, making them perfect for events that are occurring the same day. Use your own staff; even better, hire dedicated flier distributors who know a thing or two about attracting the attention of passers-by. Fliers can also contain discount vouchers.

Social media

Social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook and Instagram are great places to get people abuzz about forthcoming events. Not only can you use social media to alert potential visitors to your event but also to inform them of any product sampling or discounts they may receive when they arrive. Follow the event up on these platforms afterwards so that customers can comment on what they enjoyed and let their friends and family know. Post-event write-ups can generate sales after the event has ended.

These six ways to attract potential customers to your business event can be the difference between success and failure.

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