Street Advertisements That Will Make You Look Again

Street advertising is a very popular way for companies to market their products. It has been found that this sort of advertising can greatly increase sales of a particular product; what’s more, there are many ways to go about street advertising in London.

Flyers and leaflets

These can be a great way to attract attention at street level. This is a relatively low-cost way to advertise and works well in London where there are a lot of places to put leaflets and flyers. Door to door leafleting can be great, as people have to pick the leaflets up from their doormat. Make sure that the advert is eye-catching so that even if they put it in the bin, curiosity will get the better of them first and they will see what is being advertised. If they are interested in your product or advertising feature, they will keep it and you may well find yourself with a new customer; if they don’t keep the leaflet, you have to accept that they probably weren’t your target audience anyway.


These are a more expensive way of advertising, but they do work well. People can spend a long time in one place when they are trying to travel across our capital; in fact, it is estimated that traffic in the centre moves more slowly than it did one hundred years ago. People will often look at billboards as they move around, especially if they are really eye-catching advertisements. This type of advertising is certainly worth the money.

Transport advertising

Whether the advert is placed on the back of a bus, a train station or on the tube, this type of advertising has a captive audience. Trying to get around London can be a time-consuming business and people have time to look around them, whether they are sitting on a tube or a train platform or they are driving and have been stuck behind a bus for some time. With such a captive audience, street advertising in London is well placed in these locations.

Brand ambassadors

Not limited to the London area, brand ambassadors can be a fantastic way to advertise your product. There are many brand ambassadors around thanks to social media and there are a lot of people to advertise for you. Most people use social media, so there would be a large market for your product. Brand ambassadors know exactly where and how to find your target audience and are paid for their time and their market knowledge. They are great at networking and are always on top of trends. Experienced brand ambassadors will be able to tell you what works and what doesn’t. In short, they take a lot of the hard work out of street advertising for you.

These are just some of the great ways you can use street marketing to make people look again.

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