StreetPR – One of the Leading Student Marketing Agencies in the UK

StreetPR is the fastest growing student marketing agency in the UK, providing promotional staff and brand ambassadors, student events and marketing nationwide.

StreetPR is a leading student marketing agency in the UK, supplying promotional staff and with experience of servicing over 800 clients to date, ranging from local businesses and new start-ups to global brands. So why are we one of the leading student marketing agencies in the UK? Quite simply, we have a fresh approach, provide a full range of promotional and marketing services and we are committed to facilitating our clients’ growth by providing an outstanding service.


It is vital to listen to the client’s needs and requirements and we believe it is essential to cultivate long-lasting relationships with our clients. We believe honesty and integrity form the basis of these relationships and our innovative approach means we are dedicated to helping our clients grow.


We have a team of over 4,000 enthusiastic, passionate and devoted promotional staff who really are the stars of the show. Our staff are fully vetted and trained to provide outstanding service.

Promotional marketing

Our comprehensive range of services includes leafleting, in-store product demonstrations, app launches, product sampling, targeted lead generation, music launches, model supply services, student marketing promotions, festival welcome packs, full merchandising services, ambient media campaigns and guerrilla marketing. To offer a successful service it is necessary to be able to tailor it to the client’s specific needs, considering the size of the business, market and goals. Being able to offer such a wide range of services means we can cater for all types of business and projects and provide the appropriate, effective and engaging activity for that business. We have over 800 satisfied clients and have provided services from leaflet drops for small local businesses to large scale nationwide experiential marketing with trackable vouchers for global brands.


It is essential to know your market and part of our success is identifying and targeting the correct demographic. At StreetPR, we partner with our sister company Wicked Student Nights, one of the largest student event brands in the UK. Working together, we have unrivalled direct access to students both on and off campus so we can get your service or product directly to students and our event partners can provide event sponsorship, focus groups and exclusive social media networks. We have partnered together on campaigns for brands including MTV, Jose Cuervo, Jägermeister, Vue Cinemas, Kiss, and many many more. This partnership has proved extremely successful and can provide on-campus product sampling, focus groups, as an example.

By focusing on our commitment to working together with the client, ensuring our staff are fully trained and dedicated to our cause and by providing a full range of tailored services, we have been able to set the industry benchmark and we continue to grow as a leading student marketing agency in the UK.

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