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Why students are an opportunity too valuable to waste

Students are an exciting group when it comes to marketing, as often they are out in the world independently for the first time, trying new things and forming their tastes. Many brands want to connect with students as forging a strong bond at this stage can lead to a loyal customer for life.

To form the kind of bond which will result in a devoted customer requires approaching students effectively and in a way that resonates with them. It can really pay to use a student advertising agency with staff who understands students and the way they think. An effective student advertising agency will have local knowledge and be able to target students in a way that builds goodwill and a positive relationship.

Global influence, local experience

At Street PR our expert services have helped hundreds of brands achieve their goals. We pride ourselves on setting standards when it comes to being a student advertising agency. We have specialised in marketing to students, handling promotions during Freshers’ Week and guerrilla marketing that connects with young people at this impressionable stage of their lives as examples.

We are a dedicated group of professionals who are passionate about what we do and connecting with clients and customers. Our team includes staff with access to in-depth local knowledge that can inform and shape a campaign for maximum results. Whether it is leafleting an area where students congregate to alert them to a special event or setting up a stand where a new product can be launched and sampled, we have friendly, professional people on hand to take care of every requirement.

Targeted action, meticulous reporting

Our campaigns are very successful for several reasons. We always endeavour to be in the right place, at the right time and communicating with the right people. We do the research and the groundwork to ensure students are approached intelligently, confidently and resourcefully. We work nationally, but campaigns are tailored locally to achieve the biggest impact.

When launching a student campaign, we look at the most effective ways of communicating with them, whether this is through social media, flyers, posters, leaflets or using brand ambassadors. With a range of versatile resources, we are adept at matching tactics with whatever the situation requires. Flexibility and smart thinking are everything when it comes to connecting with the digital natives of today, and we stay on top of all the trends to make sure we can harness the best channels on a client’s behalf. We then measure and report on our efforts so a client can see the difference.

Student marketing is an evolving science, and to reap rewards it needs to be planned carefully and executed strategically. Don’t risk alienating this vital marketing segment with a clumsy, ill-advised approach. Invest in the experts who can ensure that when you embark on marketing to students you are making an impression for all the right reasons.

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