The 5 Best Experiential Marketing Strategies for Business Growth

The marketing landscape has changed dramatically over the last decade and continues to evolve at a pace as new trends, developments in IT capabilities and routes to market open up. One strategy which has seen considerable growth is experiential marketing. Let’s take a look at what it is and which strategies companies should consider.

What is experiential marketing?

In traditional marketing activities, a company simply extols the features and benefits of their product or service. Experiential marketing, however, offers potential customers the opportunity to completely immerse themselves in an experience with the product or brand. It is often also known as participation, engagement or live marketing. These experiences are generally intended to be fun, interactive and often public, and create a lasting memory for the consumer.

But which are the best experiential marketing strategies to adopt if you’re trying to achieve business growth?

More than sales…
Focusing solely on a single product or service can limit your creativity when it comes to experiential marketing activities and it’s often wise to think more broadly about your brand. This might be considered a longer-term strategy in terms of sales and business growth, however, the initial connection you make will go a long way to creating brand loyalty. But before you get started planning the fine detail, make sure you’re clear as to how you want potential customers to feel about your brand as this will help to shape the activity.

Get social…
Social media should play a big part in any experiential marketing campaign; you can really boost your reach with additional shares, likes and comments. Create a hashtag that you can use right from pre-launch. Be bold with your brand. Think hard about what you’re trying to say about your proosition and use clever creative to convey this. Encourage customers to share pictures and videos from the event too, or even better to go live themselves.

Get a celeb on board…
Consider enlisting the support of an influencer. Whether this is a local celebrity, an expert in the appropriate field or one of the many rising social media stars. They will all help to draw a larger crowd while creating additional pre-launch buzz in the run-up to the big day.

People buy from people…
Not every company has members of staffs who are comfortable, or indeed have any experience of, running these types of activities. But for experiential marketing to work well, you have to have a team who are comfortable and confident in talking to the public, maybe doing strange and whacky things or even dressing up. If you don’t have the resource in house, you should definitely outsource it. Having the right people on board can turn a potentially mediocre event into something customers will talk about for weeks.

Don’t forget the metrics…
While these activities can seem exciting to get involved with, they should be treated in the same way as you would any other marketing program. Set clear objectives prior to the campaign being launched, ensure that they support and complement existing brand messages to maintain consistency and measure results so that you can evaluate how successful they have been.

So, what are you waiting for? Why not try adding some experiential events to your marketing plans?

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