The top responsibilities of bar staff

Arriving on time

Every member of bar staff should turn up to their job on time, as this is key to keeping your bar running seamlessly. Having a bartender who is late for no good reason can throw off the whole team.

Preparing for the shift

There are times when bar staff in Oxford will be a lot busier; for example, weekends are particularly hectic if you work behind a bar. Before any shift, the bar staff should know what they need to prepare for the day ahead, such as filling the glass wash or restocking the fridge. Whatever the responsibility, it should be done in quiet periods to make the hectic shifts easier.

Cutting garnishes

Bars will always serve a number of drinks that require a garnish – even water tastes better with a hint of lemon. Bar staff are responsible for preparing and cutting any garnishes they may need behind the bar and there should be a stock available at all times.

Greeting guests

The host will be the one who is mainly responsible for making guests feel comfortable, but there is nothing stopping your bar staff being able to give them a friendly greeting too. The experience a guest has with each member of staff will help them to have a great time overall.

Know the menu

There are so many different cocktails and drinks on bar menus these days, not forgetting bar food! Your bar staff should know these menus inside out and back to front. It is their responsibility to answer any questions your guests may ask about a menu item.

Taking orders

Bar staff are primarily responsible for taking drink orders; in addition, if you have a bar menu, they will also have to take food orders. Guests may not know exactly what they want, so you should recruit bar staff who can help with decision making in addition to taking accurate orders to keep the bar flowing seamlessly.

Be responsible when serving

It is the responsibility of your bar staff to put the drinks orders through. All staff should be fully trained on the laws surrounding underage drinking, as a mistake such as serving someone who is not old enough to drink alcohol could end up costing you a fortune in fines and you may lose your liquor licence. The drinking age in the UK is 18, but the Think 25 campaign is always in use.

Knowing the tech

A major part of any bar is the till. These are constantly in use; more often than not, they use modern technology to help run the business. Knowing how to use a POS system will make your bar staff’s job a lot easier in addition to boosting the guests’ experience.

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