Tips for Hiring the Right Hospitality Staff in London

Running a hospitality business can be highly rewarding, but whether you manage a hotel, restaurant, bar or cafe in London, you will need a team of excellent staff in order to ensure everything runs smoothly. Finding the right people is integral to the success of your business, so check out these top tips to find the perfect hospitality staff in London.

Personality over Skill

Imagine this; two candidates apply for an important front-of-house role at your five-star hotel. One has excellent credentials, including service industry qualifications, but fails to maintain a smile or eye contact throughout the interview. The other is untrained but is highly personable, presentable, confident, friendly and, above all, likable. Who should you employ? As the recruiter it’s up to you, but always remember that while skills such as using a booking system or taking payments can be learnt, many personal qualities are innate.

Do Background Checks

As well using the Disclosure and Barring Service, be sure to check out employee references for all new staff members. It’s essential that hospitality staff, who frequently handle money or transactions or have access to the bar stock are trustworthy. Chasing up references is a time-consuming job that often falls by the wayside but appointing the wrong person can cost you much more than time in the long run. You can also ask questions that relate to integrity in the interview by posing ‘what would you do in this situation’ type of questions.

Use an Agency for Seasonal Periods

Most hospitality companies hire their own long-term staff, and simply seek the help of an agency for events. But during busy periods such as summer and Christmas, you may find that you are in greater short-term need of quality staff but are lacking the time to recruit. You also may find that you only need extra staff members for a short time period and cannot offer permanent positions. This is an excellent time to take advantage of agencies that can provide you with highly trained, vetted staff who can be employed for time periods of just one day upwards.

Getting the Right Event Staff

If you are using an agency to find hospitality staff for an event, request staff that match your brand identity. For some brands that means bubbly and friendly individuals with plenty of verve, for other brands you will require staff who are polished and highly skilled at, for instance, silver service. All brands will want to be associated with confident and presentable individuals, and this is something staffing agencies guarantee.

In the service industry personality goes a long way, and it’s important to find the right personalities that reflect your brand. Use an agency for events and seasonal periods to ensure you have well-trained and fully vetted staff to add to your existing quality pool of people.

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