Top Marketing Campaigns for Product Sampling

If you have new products to launch or existing products which haven’t yet reached a broad enough market, getting samples to potential customers through engaging marketing campaigns is a fantastic way to increase awareness of your brand and secure long term valuable customers.

With a Street PR product sampling campaign to help you generate leads and drive sales. We have experience with clients including global brands and local start-ups, showcasing their products in sampling campaigns at train stations, shopping centres and events.

Get to your customers where they are

Identify your ideal audience and we can help you think about their lifestyle and work patterns so we can identify places where they are likely to be engaged. Perhaps we could sync up with an event that’s happening or work with another brand that markets complementary products – would anyone like to sample some cookies if they’ve just bought a takeaway coffee? Perhaps your cookie samples would be well promoted with a sampling campaign in a shopping centre with plenty of cafes.

Know your goal

Product sampling can be targeted at many different objectives, and it makes sense to set some measurable targets when you’re planning your next product sampling marketing campaign. For instance, it may be that your existing product isn’t selling in the volumes you hoped compared to others on your website that have a number of client reviews rating them. So your target for a product sampling campaign on your low sales product could be to generate reviews.

Knowing your target should shape every future decision you make about your campaign. Where you’ll have it is important because you’ll want to capture people’s attention and enable them to take action soon after sampling. Maybe outside a train station could be a good place because after people sit down on the train and try your product, they may have a free hand and WiFi connection to enable them to write a review online. It should also shape the format of the sample and the information and call to action you include on the sample’s packaging.

Multi-channel product sampling

At Street PR we don’t just give away samples on the streets. We may start that way, with a product sampling campaign in a supermarket or shopping centre giving us an initial impression of how your product is received, but we will also work to capture customer data so that you can follow up leads and target specific people for further product development research or for feedback on marketing campaign ideas.

We put together a product sampling team who will ensure your marketing campaign delivers what you want, with team members who are focused on giving each customer a great experience of your brand. We’ll recruit promo staff, briefing them and managing them to tie into your existing marketing team so that you get what you need to from your product sampling campaign.

We can be innovative by incorporating the latest technology to deliver an experiential product marketing campaign or we can keep it classic with an all-inclusive campaign and let your product samples do the talking. Talk to us about how you can generate new customers and reinvigorate the perception of your brand with a product sampling campaign.

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