The Ways to Increase Sales with Leaflet Campaigns

In today’s modern marketing landscape, it can be easy to focus on digital opportunities and forget that there are traditional, offline options that might be an appropriate option for your marketing campaign. However, a well thought out and well executed offline campaign can still be the most effective method in some circumstances.

When you want to reach a broad local audience, leaflets and flyers distributed around a clearly defined, targeted area can be very effective. Incorporating leafleting into your campaign can be the make or break of your campaign.

Door to Door
Going door to door might be a labour-intensive way of getting your message out, but looking at it from another perspective, it’s a great way to get your message into people’s homes and even their hands. This is if you assume that someone will pick up a pile of paper or letters – it’s an extra bit of consideration time that they might not otherwise have had, and given that they are in their home, without having to rush off somewhere, you could also increase your dwell time.

You should still be prepared to target your audience. This could be by demographic, although if you’re doing it yourself, it might not be that scientific. Be prepared to consider the address of a potential customer, and you might have to just judge it. Consider too your product and whether it solves a problem for the customer; there is little point sending a message promoting lawnmowers to people living in a block of council flats. A good return from this sort of campaign could be anywhere from one to two percent. Of course, you might want to be simply raising awareness of your brand.

Newspaper Distribution
Another way of getting your message into people’s homes is to have your leaflets inserted into local print media, and to pay again to have them distributed door to door with a newspaper.

Hand to Hand Distribution
If you have an area with a high footfall – a shopping centre or car park – it is worth trying to give passers-by a leaflet, again into their hand and therefore consciousness. Naturally, where you take your leaflets to distribute will have a significant impact, and you should always keep in mind the target audience of your products. Plan your routes in advance, and if you cannot walk the route yourself, there are agencies that can help support with labour.

Leaflet Holders
You might prefer to leave a generous handful of leaflets with a business owner at various venues along the way. Think about where your customer will be during their spare time, or have to wait. It might be a doctors’ waiting room, even a bus stop – anywhere that your audience might be.

There is also scope to use leafleting in Business to Business campaigns following similar lines. The local businesses can be a great audience if they’re given the right message at the right time; solve their problem. Ask others to help; think about where they could help distribute leaflets for you.

The key is to start at the beginning and understand your audience. Be clear about your objectives, who is your audience, and how you will measure success so that you can focus on the task in hand.

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