What are the benefits of product sample distribution?

Product sample distribution is a great opportunity for your company to turn a potential customer into a returning customer. There are numerous ways to distribute your product samples. Whichever way you choose, product sampling is a proven and highly effective way to place your products in front of the right audience.

Brand Awareness 

Brand visibility can be challenging. Experienced product sample staff can help your brand gain visibility and make for a memorable experience. A positive interaction with your company representatives can leave your potential customers feeling good about your product and your brand. Promotional staff armed with full product knowledge can confidently answer your potential customers’ queries. Outgoing personalities will give your customers the feel-good factor and leave a long lasting, positive first impression.

Consumer Loyalty

A potential customer is more likely to choose your brand if they’ve sampled it first for free. Product sampling can help to make sure your brand is your customer’s first thought when considering products to buy. A positive experience with a fully trained, professional and enthusiastic product sampling staff member can push a consumer towards your products. A good face to face experience with a real person will leave your customers coming back for more.

Immediate Feedback 

Product sampling provides immediate feedback from your campaign. This applies to all products, but with a new to market product, consumer feedback can be crucial to your campaign. Picture and video reactions make invaluable social media and advertising content that can be shared repeatedly. Make sure your product sampling staff ask the right questions, document all responses and report on their findings.

Accurate Data

Product sample distribution allows your business to capture your potential customers’ data. Name, address, telephone details and personal information such as age, gender and household income are helpful when building a picture of your audience. An email address is crucial these days and encouraging your potential customers to ‘opt-in’ to your company’s newsletter is marketing strategy gold.

Low Cost

There are costs involved in any marketing campaign, especially when it comes to free product samples. Having a presence at events or in store cuts down on mailing lists, postal costs and product distribution. Outsourcing your product sampling to an experienced outside agency reduces the need for additional permanent staff to execute your sampling campaigns.

These are just some of the benefits of product sample distribution. Product sampling increases customer interaction and in turn, the likelihood of a future purchase.

Handing out your product samples where potential customers are making purchasing decisions is a sure way to influence buying decisions. Sampling is a highly effective part of any marketing campaign. Real person interaction leaves a lasting impression on consumers. Choosing professional product sampling staff with a good knowledge of your products makes your brand memorable and encourages brand loyalty.

Product sampling is a marketing strategy that almost any business can benefit from.

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