What are the best product sampling methods?

Nothing beats the feeling of getting something for free! Organisations that wish to draw focus towards new products, earn the attention of target audiences or simply generate loyalty can do so by giving their markets a taste of their products.

Product sampling prompts sales – more often than not, consumers enjoy the taste before you buy option. A survey conducted by EMI indicated that the best platform for sampling is often events, where 65 per cent of consumers are likely to make a purchase; what’s more, 78 per cent of these customers said that they made the purchase because they were given the option to try it out first. Product sampling augments awareness and links it indirectly to sales, which is often a secondary consideration.

Modern companies want stronger brand awareness. According to studies, 81 per cent of consumers approach a branded display in the hope of getting something for free. Product sampling does not end with events, with word of mouth just as important. More than 59 per cent of consumers tell their friends about a good product when they have received a free sample. When you gain a new consumer, the chances are that they will remain with you, with 85 per cent of consumers agreeing that they would stick to a new brand and purchase it again after sampling it.

Where to target consumers?

Product sample distribution through marathons

There are runs and marathons in the UK throughout the year, such as the Sheffield and Hackney Half Marathon, the short Double Dash 5K in Regent’s Park, London, and the one-mile Red Bull Quicksand in Margate. Such events award prizes to the athletes and provide the perfect opportunity to insert your marketing material and product samples in the race pack, with surveys revealing that 70 per cent of customers purchase products they have trialled in sports packs.

Special event sampling

Never underestimate the power of special events at which you can create a positive brand association. When you reach your target at conferences and festivals, the event is automatically linked to your brand, which makes it unforgettable. Through special events and festivals, the positive association increases the benefits of your products. During these events, the word of mouth effect is also much higher.

A product marketing campaign is almost deceptively straightforward and simple, with the aim behind product sample distribution being to get free promotional products to your target market. Everybody loves and appreciates free stuff; however, you need a return on investment and an intelligent approach is required. Any intelligent approach effectively showcases your product but challenges consumer perceptions, elevating your brand and getting consumers talking.

Not leaving your sampling to chance

What business owners should realise is that people are creatures of habit. If they have been buying a specific brand of butter for years, the chances are that they will continue to do so; however, given the opportunity through free sampling, people also relish the idea of trying new things.

When you have the right opportunity, the right product and a professional team, your product can reach its target. People seldom risk money on a new product unless they have sampled it before, which is why product sample distribution is a highly effective marketing tool.

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