What Are the Main Elements of a Good Leaflet Design?

What’s the Point?

The first thing to consider is what you want to achieve from a leaflet. A good tip is to focus on one aspect of a promotional campaign with leaflet handouts. Think about what your message is and what your goal is. Do you want to sell a specific product, promote an event or get more customers to sign up to an online mailing list?

Staying on Brand

If you have an existing brand, use it. Stick to your brand style so that customers recognise your leaflet and associate it with your business – even if they don’t read it.

The Detail Is in the Design

A good graphic designer is worth their weight in A5 leaflets, but experience and talent will cost you. If you are going to design your own leaflets, here are some tips from the experts that will help you design a leaflet handout that stands out from the crowd.

There is a tried and tested formula to creating successful leaflets and designs. It is called AIDA. This stands for:

Attention: Try to grab customers’ attention by raising awareness. Think bold headlines, eye-catching images and use of colours.
Interest: Give your potential customers enough information to ensure they want to know more. Let them know about the benefits of your product or service. If you do, enough customers will want to read on or do their own research to find out more.
Desire: This means creating an emotional connection with the customer so that they want to engage – perhaps demonstrating your personality or brand values. Compelling text and images will help build desire.
Action: Finally, you want your customer to take action – for example, call 0800 000 000 for more information or visit a website to sign up today.

Some mistakes to avoid in your design are:

Low-quality images: Use the best images possible to reflect professionalism in your brand. Fuzzy images will put off potential customers.

Poor spelling and grammar: Nothing puts off a reader more than inaccurate spelling and grammar in your text or copy. Make sure you proofread and pay attention to your headings, subheadings and important contact information like your website and contact telephone number.

Mismatching fonts and text sizes: Don’t underestimate how much impact fonts can have on a design. There are some fonts that are not considered professional – Comic Sans, for example – so you may want to avoid them in your design. Well-matched and sized fonts will boost style and readability.

Too much information: Packing a small leaflet with lots of tiny text will be off-putting, and you will find that most readers will discard it. Try to balance your design with images or even white space that will break up the text.

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