What are the Qualities You Should look for in Hospitality Staff?

When running an event, the front line hospitality staff are often the difference between clients enjoying the event and it being a success and the complete opposite.

Searching for hospitality staffing in London is a very important task for businesses that wish to hold any kind of event for clients or for any other reason. Let’s take a look at some of the key qualities that any good hospitality worker should have.


Working in hospitality generally requires long shifts and some antisocial hours. Therefore, a commitment to working these hours happily and reliably is vital in ensuring success within hospitality. When recruiting hospitality staff, it is vital to gauge the candidate’s commitment to these. You need to avoid anyone whose burgeoning DJ or garage band aspirations are likely to get in the way of working in an evening.

Interpersonal skills

It should go without saying, but one of the key aspects of working within hospitality is dealing with clients and customers. Meme culture and social media have taught us that the customer is not always right, however, anyone working within hospitality needs to ensure they are customer-focused. Smooth, effective and polite communication is vital to the success of an event.

Listening skills

In keeping with the top-level communication and interpersonal skills needed, a great hospitality worker should be a great listener. The ability to listen well in a potentially very crowded and noisy environment is an essential skill. If working in hospitality events in London, there is a strong probability that guests may not have English as their first language. This makes the ability to listen even more important.


Prospective hospitality employees should be flexible, ensuring they can adapt to emerging scenarios and developing work situations. Similarly, they should be able to work across a range of different tasks and roles as dictated by the event and the client. It may be somewhat flippant to expect the unexpected but being mindful of what could happen and planning responses to a situation is what makes a great hospitality team standout from a mediocre one.


Nobody works solo in hospitality. Big events require big teams, with a team that works together seamlessly helping to make your event a big hit. Look for candidates who can come together with their teammates to collaborate and solve issues together rather than a lone wolf. An event can live or die on the back of how well a team is working together.

Whilst these attributes are important to look out for when hiring your hospitality staff, they can be difficult to root out during the application process. Plan a mixture of solo interviews and group tasks to get an idea of the dynamism of workers, considering how well they can work with others and assessing their communication skills.

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