What is the Position of Global Staffing In 2019?

We know that global event staffing can be challenging, but through working with hundreds of clients over more than ten years we believe the position of global staffing in 2019 deserves to be at the top of any strategic business marketing planning.

Events can thrive or dive depending on the staff that are delivering them. Organising, promoting, staffing and delivering an event is a discipline that many are daunted by, so many shy away from placing experiences and events in their marketing and promotional plans. But throughout the last ten-plus years of running a promotional staffing business, we’ve learnt that brands that are brave enough to position events in their promotional strategy are able to achieve fantastic results.

Global Event Staffing

Staff who are highly trained in what the event is for and who have been set targets are key to the success of any event. Experienced event staff know that whether they’re working on a banquet for existing customers or launching a new brand in a niche event at a music festival, they have the opportunity to inspire the people attending and generate lasting memories of the brand that has created it.

Delivering fantastic customer experience at an event comes down to training, organisation and passion. Training in the overall vision for the event, key objectives for the brand and in what role the individual event team member needs to play is at the heart of delivering a top-class event. Organising the event location, agenda, staffing and collateral is essential. Having a passion for serving the guests and interacting positively with people at events is a key characteristic of successful event staff.

Whether the event is a VIP gala or a smaller dinner for a selected guest list, choosing the right staff and planning their roles are essential to making it a success. Our event staff create a dynamic and exciting atmosphere so that every guest has the chance to experience the brand in the most positive way possible.

Planning Your Event

Customer service is critical to our success, and we work hard to build a relationship with all of our clients that will enable us to hire the right promo staff for their event and also ensure that the event guests get a great experience.

Planning the right mix of event staff is essential to ensure the event is promoted and delivered effectively. We can recruit promo staff and deliver marketing campaigns to raise awareness of an event and get the right people to attend. We also work with event organisers and venues that need event staff on the day who can deliver a fantastic experience.

Contact us to discuss how promotional events could support your business and how we could supply event staff to meet your needs.

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