What is the procedure for hiring high-performing hospitality staff?

Organising conferences, promotions, product launches and marketing campaigns used to be a logistical nightmare. Where can you get a highly focused and skilled team at short notice, and for a limited duration? The skills and talents needed vary enormously according to your product and event, so a team that can hit the ground running is worth its weight in gold.

Creating and training teams with the transferable skills, attributes and talents is exactly what we do at StreetPR. We hire and train hospitality staff in London and other major cities so that you don’t have to.

Recruitment and induction

Most new recruits approach us through our website but our reputation also spreads far and wide by word of mouth. Through whichever route they come, each recruit discusses their aptitudes and training requirements in face-to-face interviews with our HR management team. We begin by screening applicants for their enthusiastic and outgoing character – a natural talent that always speaks volumes. Many come from highly talented backgrounds, while others have years of experience in key areas of hospitality and event management. What they all have in common is a love of the teamwork, variety and versatility the work provides.

Training is constantly being renewed and updated, for example, we now have tight new procedures to accommodate COVID-19 hygiene and distancing requirements.

The agency also takes over full responsibility for employment and character references, DBS and work permit checks, National Insurance and tax submissions. This not only relieves our clients of all the paperwork, but ensures that the team is ready to start the instant you need them.

Matching teams to clients

Understanding our clients is more than a throw-away, it enables us to work together on campaigns that will be agile and insights-driven throughout. It ensures we perfectly match the talents of our workforce to the demands of your enterprise, product and event.

We have technically talented staff who excel at app launches, in-store demonstrations, targeted lead generation, product promotions and street theatre. Behind our foot-soldiers is a hands-on leadership team who will be helping you get maximum value locally, nationally, or globally. We can also undertake the social media aspects to ensure your event gets maximum exposure.


This is another area where you can benefit from our experienced talent-base. Inexpert promotions often fail through miscalculating attendance figures, having insufficient samples or refreshments in the right place at the right time, delays in flyer deliveries, lost transport, or from being in the wrong place entirely.

Special events are special by definition – you may not do them often, but we do! Our frontline staff know they can rely on us to keep their supplies flowing in and their leads steadily flowing out. To compete in London, you need the best hospitality staff in London. Whatever you are doing, we make you look good doing it!

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