What Marketing Strategy Should Be Followed for Product Sample Distribution?

Did you know that product sample distribution is a firm favourite of businesses the world over? Not only is it a fairly inexpensive way of developing a business through exposure of its product, it also creates customer harmony. And let’s face it, everybody loves a free sample!

In with the New

Marketing research shows that people really do like to try before they buy, especially if the product is new to the market and a potential customer has no experience of it. What does it taste like? How does it feel? The potential purchaser will have many questions to ask of something unknown. This is a golden opportunity. Demonstrating it directly to your chosen audience is a fabulous way to win buy-in.

Increased Sales

There is often a knock-on effect not just around the product you are offering but also your shop – whether in the high street or online – as well. Ideally, that potential customer converts into a buying one and will buy other products that you sell as well.


It really is true that we all love something free. In a world where nothing feels like it is, offering something with no strings attached is an excellent way of promoting a positive association not just with the product but with your company too. People remember how they feel when somebody does something nice to them, and the same goes for when people offer you something to try – especially if that something is free!

Buy, Buy, Buy

It is notoriously difficult to gain new customers – much more so than keeping the ones we already have. However, if you approach it in the correct way, it could be win-win all the way. People will be more interested in your brand if they receive something free and will more than likely return – depending of course on the experience they have. So our advice is: make it a positive one!

The Customer Is King

Offering free samples and customer feedback about the product often go hand in hand. We all tend to make mental notes when we try something we haven’t tried before, and it is human nature to compare products and services with other similar experiences we have had. This can provide you with an excellent opportunity to really find out about your audience and develop your product to match their needs, tastes and requirements. That way you will be favourably reviewed by your customers.


A good analogy is that a free sample is like a show preview. Do it well and you will open the door to not only customer satisfaction but also a tangible increase in your sales.

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