What Qualities Must You Look For In Event Staff?

Thinking of holding a promotional street event? Perhaps you want your brand to have a presence at an existing event such as a festival? Maybe you need catering staff for a global event? Hiring the right staff is key to the success of these events. Hiring a promotional staffing agency to find the right people for your event is an even better idea. What sorts of qualities do agencies look out for when they hire models, promotional or waiting staff?


Experience is key. Staff who have worked at certain events before will already know what to do. For promotional events this may be the best way to talk to the public, to engage them in your product and maybe even encourage them to try something new. For catering staff, it specifically means recruiting waiting and bar staff who have worked on conferences or other such events before. Remember however that everyone needs to start somewhere and even inexperienced staff should be given a chance, but it’s wise to buddy up less experienced staff with those who have lots of experience, this will help them learn the ropes much quicker. Those who are using an agency to find staff should ensure that the agency actively trains new recruits.

Friendly, bubbly people

All personalities have their place in this world, but when it comes to hiring promotional staff there are certain traits that win out. Bubbly, friendly, fun and vivacious characters will present your brand well. Reserved, surly, rude or sarcastic people will not. It’s not a matter of extroverts v introverts; staff don’t need to be ‘loud’ characters, but they do need to be confident whilst also being able to strike a fine balance between being outgoing and pushy.


Depending on the product/event, it’s sometimes necessary to bring in some beauty and glamour through your promotional staff. Promo models can be selected on a variety of factors that you feel are right for your brand.


As important as it is to find staff who are engaging, bubbly, friendly and where necessary, attractive, it’s even more important that promotional staff are professional. These individuals will be representing your brand, so you need to be sure that they talk about it in a positive way and that they talk to members of the public respectfully, act with dignity and possess a good level of professionalism. Swearing, negativity and being too informal will all have a negative impact on the way potential customers view your brand.

These qualities are highly important when it comes to global event staffing. The most effective way to find the right staff is to use a reputable promotional staffing agency. A good agency will have hundreds of names on its books and will find you just the right people for the job. Ensure that they run background checks on individuals and invest in staff training.

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