What Qualities Would You Look for from Staff Serving in the Hospitality Industry?

Working in the hospitality industry can be great fun, but it is also very challenging. When your role is to ensure that consumers have a good time – whether that is having a delicious meal, a relaxing holiday or a fun day out – it means that their happiness is in your hands. Get it right and everyone goes home satisfied, but get it wrong and you risk customer disappointment and negative feedback.

For this reason it is important for recruiters within the hospitality industry to think carefully about the traits, skills and qualities they need in potential employees. If you are looking for hospitality staff in Southampton, here’s what you should consider.

Good Customer Service Skills

Hospitality is, first and foremost, all about dealing with people, so good customer service is paramount. Good customer service means ensuring that your consumers go away feeling happy and satisfied with their experience. It means delivering your service professionally, politely and positively while also maintaining good relations in the event that any issues should arise. This sometimes means going the extra mile for a consumer and using your people skills to defuse difficult situations.

Communication Skills

Good communication ties into customer service, but it is so important in hospitality because you will often be dealing with people of all ages, backgrounds and ethnicities, so it’s important that you can always convey yourself in a clear way that inspires confidence in your consumers. Remember that hospitality relies heavily on repeat custom, and by building good relations through good service and communication, you are laying the foundations for long-term relationships. A good cultural awareness and even the ability to speak multiple languages could set you apart here.

Multi-Tasking and Organisation
Hospitality staff in Southampton will know that this industry is a bustling one that requires a lot of plate spinning – sometimes literally! Think about any busy bar, restaurant or hotel – rarely is there a quiet day. For this reason it is important that staff have good organisational skills and the ability to multi-task in order to get the job done quickly and efficiently.

Hardworking Ethos
Hospitality is not an industry where you can get away with doing the bare minimum. Often the shifts are long, the customers can be difficult and you will be working as part of a large team of people. There may well be occasions where you may have to stay late or go out of your way to try and please a customer or get a job done. There is no time to shirk. If you aren’t a proactive, hardworking and enthusiastic person who is ready and willing to get fully stuck in, then hospitality probably isn’t for you.

Being Professional
As a hospitality server you are the face of your brand, so make sure it is a professional one not just in terms of how you perform but also in how you look, speak and behave.

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