What You Must Know When Hiring a Global Event Staffing Agency?

Do I need to hire event staff?

When an event is booked for a special business occasion, there are a whole host of considerations which need to be taken into account. Is the venue suitable for my needs and will it attract the clientele that I am looking for? Is the catering appropriate and will there be enough wine? Is the entertainment right, or, will it lead to everyone taking refuge outside to continue their conversations? And above all, do I need to hire event staff to cover my event?

When it comes to the type of venue you are looking for, it needs to be something which fits with your product and area of business. Stick with somewhere that will speak to your key demographic and make them feel both at home and predisposed to like your ideas. Catering should be unfussy and crucially, it should be able to be eaten without needing to sit down – even better if no utensils are needed. Entertainment should be unobtrusive, unless it is the reason for the event. The only answer regarding the hiring of event staff is a resounding yes, however, making them an invaluable part of your event planning.

Why do I need to hire event staff?

Put simply, in your day to day business, you hire the best people to do the job you need to be done. Your admin teams need to have in-depth knowledge of the inner workings of a spreadsheet, coding teams need to know their VB script from their Python, sales teams need to be persuasive, but few of these skills translate to having the confidence and know-how to staff a product launch.

Outsourcing your event needs to a company which specialises in global event staffing will give you peace of mind that your guests are going to be looked after in a relaxed and professional way, leaving your teams to do what they do best. Your developers and sales teams are best placed in these events actually talking to the clients about the products, rather than dealing with food and hosting duties.

Different teams for different jobs
Just like within your own workplace, event staff can be hired to take on a range of different roles, from banqueting and hospitality teams who will host and serve your clients, keeping the food and drink flowing for your event, to promo staff who are highly trained in the art of product demonstration. These promo staff can help to show off your new product in a new light, often offering a fresh pair of eyes to your launch compared to your R&D teams who have been beavering away on it for months.

No matter what size the event is, a carefully selected squad of event staff, hired from a company experienced in global event staffing, can help you to host a memorable and effective product launch, leaving your team to do the important work of networking with the clients and making the event successful in terms of sales and leads generated.

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