Why are brand activation campaigns useful?

Brand activation is a relatively new phrase in marketing, which means creating awareness of a brand with its target market. There are many ways this can be done, and brands will often use several different approaches to build awareness quickly and effectively.

The brand market is saturated, and with social media now playing such a huge part in promotional campaigns, getting your brand to stand out amongst the rest and be noticed requires careful planning. Promotional agencies in the UK can help plan a coordinated brand activation campaign and achieve maximum results.

Whether your brand suits a traditional leafleting campaign, or wants to create attention via a planned publicity stunt, there are many ways to get your brand and associated image across to the consumer.

Instagram is a great way to use a specially produced image of your product and then hashtag it with relevant slogans and words you want associated with your brand. It is simple and effective and a great way to draw in new customers quickly and shows that you are a forward thinking business, enhancing your image and reputation.

Street Sampling
Another effective tool which gives you the opportunity to interact with potential new consumers is to do street sampling. Everyone loves a freebie, and what better way to entice new customers than by offering them something for nothing? Promotional agencies in the UK make sure staff are fully briefed, look the part and are able to confidently discuss your product and engage with the public. They will also ensure branded clothing is ready, storage facilities near the sampling site are secure and that relevant permission has been given by the local authority responsible for the space.

Leafleting has long been used as a way of promoting the opening of a new business, for example a new fashion store or restaurant. Promotional agencies in the UK can help secure the right location for the target market, as well as make sure staff are fully trained, wearing branded clothing and know and understand the target market in order to maximise effectiveness. Leaflets can be printed with vouchers, online redemption codes, or offers and incentives to encourage consumers to visit your outlet, as well as monitor footfall resulting from the campaign.

Attending key events and conferences can be a great way to introduce your new brand to the right people, all together under one roof. Having trained promotional staff at your stand can make your brand appear approachable and encourage visitors. Promotional staff can also hand out any printed material and samples, as well as obtain contact details so you have a ready-made database of potential clients.

Monitoring the success of any launch or promotion is a key part of planning future marketing campaigns and events. There is a variety of different technology available which can look at how customers are interacting with a new brand and calculate downloads and conversion rates, for example if a brand requires an app download to obtain a discount voucher.

Whatever your business, getting your message out there and encouraging awareness amongst potential customers and clients is key. By planning an effective marketing campaign aimed at brand activation, you can start spreading the word quickly and effectively and start growing your business.

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