Why choose StreetPR to hire the best hostess from London?

Having a member of a hostess agency in London at your next event is beneficial. Here we are going to look at reasons why you should choose us to hire your hostess.

Our hostesses are hand selected

We are a professional hostess agency in London that provides expert services to all of our clients. Planning a big event will take up a lot of your time. Using StreetPR means we take the interview and selection process off your hands when it comes to hiring a hostess. We make sure that the hostess you have is experienced, professional and well spoken. In a matter of days you will have the perfect staff member to host your event.

Hostesses help an event run smoothly

Using a hostess agency in London like StreetPR helps your event to run a lot more seamlessly. A hostess can alleviate some of the organisational stress you may find yourself with, allowing you to focus your attention on other aspects of promotion and marketing.

Hostesses are experienced and trained

If you don’t already have somebody with the experience and training needed to be a hostess on your team, StreetPR can help you. We only select staff that are of the highest standards for our clients. Each hostess we work with is experienced and trained to meet your specific needs.

Hire a charismatic hostess

We go the extra mile to select the most charismatic and engaging hostesses from our team to host your event. All of our hostesses can give you that much needed energy and charisma that every promotional event needs. Not only does this enhance the look of your brand and products, it can also boost interest in what you’re trying to promote and even lead to more sales.

Every hostess from StreetPR comes to you impeccably dressed and ready to work. We can adhere to the dress code, style guide or colour scheme you desire so that our staff fit in well as part of your team on the big day.

StreetPR hostesses provide a professional touch

Promotional events rely on a great first impression, and when your hire a hostess, the first impression comes directly from them. This is the person potential customers will judge your brand on.

Hiring an event hostess from StreetPR gives your event a professional glow by offering potential clients a personable and welcoming face as a great first impression. We choose our hostesses based on their friendliness and professionalism. They are also trained to demonstrate your products and technologies flawlessly too.

Many promotional event exhibitors return to us time after time because they see all the amazing benefits of hiring a hostess from us. Our exhibition staff are there to help you sell your business, take data from clients, scan passes to the show, distribute your marketing materials and assist with sales where they can. You’ll be impressed by how proactive and friendly our teams are.

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