Why hire talented and skilful product demonstrators?

In terms of a proven track record, product sampling has been around for a long time. Big brands have invested in product sampling for years. However, if you want to know where it all started, we can thank a soap manufacturer called Benjamin T Babbitt. This self-made American inventor and businessman was one of the first business owners to offer free samples back in the 19th century.

In today’s competitive and ever-increasing digital market in-person product sampling is still one of the most enduring methods of marketing. The chance to try before you buy is a key factor in the decision-making process for many potential customers.

Whatever the objectives of your marketing strategy, professional staff will contribute significantly to success; therefore, whether your objective is increasing brand awareness, gathering consumer insights or increasing sales, you should consider the benefits of employing talented and skilful product sampling staff.

It is no secret that the right team is an important ingredient in the recipe for success in your product or brand demonstration strategy. Here are just four reasons for you to hire talented and skilful product demonstrators:

They are great communicators

Let’s be honest – people buy from people they like and trust. Talented product demonstrators will know how to relate to people and build a relationship with them. They will know how to help audience members to see the value in the product they are demonstrating and will be able to communicate the difference a product can make to their lives.

They will know how to reflect your brand

Even if your primary objective may be to increase sales, skilled team members will also understand the importance of brand awareness. They will know what it takes to reflect your brand in a positive light and will have the experience and ability to do exactly this.

Qualified and experienced

Qualifications and certification in food hygiene are particularly important for food sampling and food demonstrations. Knowing that the staff you hire are qualified and experienced will give you peace of mind and ensure you meet any compliance requirements.

They allow you to focus on what you do best

Would you ask your IT team to write your marketing strategy or your catering team to build your website? Probably not, so why expect your staff to resource your product sampling or demonstrations? Hiring skilled product demonstration staff means your talented teams can continue to focus on their core activities and do what they do best for your business.

Product sampling is often the start of a relationship between customer and brand, with skilled product sampling staff a key part of this relationship. Creating a buzz about a brand, increasing sales, targeting audiences and gathering insights are all vital parts of the role, so knowing you have the right team will give your brand a boost.

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