Why is Leafleting Chosen over Direct Mail?

Target your potential customers using leafleting for a cost-effective marketing solution that produces great results.

It’s all too easy to overlook the many benefits that a leafleting campaign can offer to both new and established businesses.

In these fast-paced times of instant internet access on the go, we’re all inundated with spam emails, most of which go straight into our junk folders. Meanwhile, the postal service delivers a plethora of unsolicited mail most days, the majority of which goes directly into the waste-paper basket. So how exactly can a business make sure that the right people get to hear about it?

Leafleting may seem like a step back into the past, but it’s actually a tried and tested method of generating publicity for your business. Rather than employing the scattergun approach of a direct mail marketing campaign, in which entire postcode areas are flooded with your marketing message, a leaflet drop ensures that only the most appropriate individuals, homes and businesses are targeted.

Leafleting Is Cost-Effective

Not surprisingly, Royal Mail charges a hefty fee for delivering mail shots. With postmen and post women working to tight schedules, bundles of mail shots are often delivered en masse with each postal drop, and the service isn’t cheap. With the best will in the world, your friendly neighbourhood postie simply isn’t going to assess the type of people who live in each street on their round. Your direct mail leaflets will be delivered to every single address within a specific postcode, where they’re almost certainly destined to head straight for the bin in the majority of cases.

Leafleting staff, on the other hand, offer a much more cost-effective solution. You only pay for the deliveries and distribution that you select, so your campaign is much more likely to attract attention from interested potential customers.

Leafleting Offers a Personalised Service

The scattergun approach to marketing using direct mail methods spreads your message far and wide, but are people ever going to read your carefully thought-out message? The postal service delivers to all properties within a specific postcode, and delivery personnel aren’t in the habit of filtering out relevant direct mail leaflets to make sure that your message only reaches interested parties.

Use dedicated leafleting staff to handle your marketing distribution campaign, on the other hand, and you’re guaranteed to receive a much more personalised and customisable experience. You can specify certain streets and neighbourhoods, for example, to make sure that only the most relevant potential customers benefit from your marketing message.

Leafleting also allows you to target people on the streets with great accuracy. So you can make sure that your leaflets and promotional offers are passed directly into the hands of interested parties, which is something that direct mail can only dream of!

Your carefully crafted promotional material deserves to be seen by the right people at the right time. Leafleting helps you to achieve that goal easily and efficiently and without wasting money.

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