Why Look for the Fastest-Growing Promotional Staffing Agency in the UK?

Choosing the Best Staffing Agency

Whether you are a global business or a new start-up, choosing a fast-growing and successful promotional staffing agency could be key to your success.

It may seem obvious that for a staffing agency rapid growth is a sign of success, but this fact can easily be overlooked. If you are searching for promotional staff for a specific project, you may come across smaller businesses that offer the service you are looking for. However, they may not have the proven track record that you need. A promotional agency such as StreetPR can offer anything from a small leafleting team that a local business might need to a national promotional campaign suitable for a global business. This is due to the fact that a company that expands quickly and covers more areas, both geographically and in the range of activities offered, will be more able to provide the efficient personal service that will guarantee success.

Why Use Promotional Staff?

There are many different facets to successful promotion, and common activities include in-store demonstrations, product sampling, flyering and leafleting. App launches are also important, and event staffing and managements require experienced and dedicated staff to ensure success.

If you are looking for an outstanding team, look for the fastest-growing promotional staffing agency that the UK can offer. With experts based throughout the country, you can be sure that the customer service team provided for your event will be able to deliver the memorable customer experience you are looking for.

Customer service teams are able to carry out all your requirements, from assisting disabled guests to looking after VIPs. They will handle the entry systems and ticketing and assist with checking in and seating in a manner that makes guests feel comfortable and valued.

Countrywide Services

If you are planning a marketing or promotional campaign, you will need a team that can represent your business. Whether you need just two people or as many as five hundred, StreetPR can supply them wherever you are in the UK.

Examples of teams can include promotional models for different events. You are able to specify your exact requirements, right down to looks and hair colour, so that they represent your brand in the way you choose.

For increasing sales and promoting brand awareness, brand ambassadors can be deployed at trade shows, on tours, in-store and at a range of different events. They will appear like company staff, influencing people and promoting your key values and creating a great impression.

If you need hospitality services at your event, our teams are experienced and always well presented. Like all promotional staff, they are thoroughly vetted and undergo a promotional training programme to ensure that only the best staff members are chosen. You can be sure that the hosting, waiting and bar staff at your event will be a perfect fit for your business without your having to worry about HR, training or insurance.

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