Why should you recruit promotional staff?

Promotional staff members can be a great asset to any company. Many employers would testify that these highly-enthusiastic members of staff are quick to pick up skills and provide a great return on investment when integrated into their existing workforce, either for events or for longer periods of time.

Let’s further discuss the reasons why you should recruit promotional staff:

1. Flexibility

One benefit that many clients perceive as most important when hiring promotional staff is the flexibility these workers can offer. No matter whereabouts in the country you are, there will be an agency with staff members available to work for you. This could be as quickly as the next day, or even on the day if requested before mid-day.

This flexibility offered by promotional staff enables both the worker and the company hiring them to make working arrangements that can be mutually beneficial. One of the benefits can include changing shift lengths, dependent on business or worker needs. This would enable workers to maintain a good work-life balance, which undisputedly improves worker happiness.

Another benefit, which comes as a by-product, is a reduction in staffing costs. Hiring a permanent, salaried member of staff means you are tied into paying a set amount, even when they may not be needed at certain points during the day. The flexibility offered by temporary workers enables you to only fill the hours you need, meaning great cost savings can be made.

2. Quality assurance

Another great benefit of using promotional staff is that all the quality assurance you need has already been completed. When hiring these experienced staff, you can rest assured that they have all the skill sets required to excel in any role you throw at them.

At Street PR, every member of staff in our team has gone through an extensive promotional training programme. This difficult and intensive programme ensures that only the best staff members successfully complete the training. As a result, selecting staff from our databases is much more efficient; concurrently, campaign implementation can be expedited.

Alongside this, there is no concern about illegally employing staff members, as they have all been verified as permitted to work in the UK.

3. Brand awareness

The outstanding interpersonal skills exhibited by promotional staff members, alongside in-depth product and service knowledge, enables them to engage with customers in a way that forms strong relationships.

It is vital that customers have positive first impressions when introduced to your company, with these staff members more than capable of giving a great impression. It is also important that your customers have their queries answered promptly, as this can be the difference between a ‘yes’ and a ‘no’ when trying to sell a product.

When your customers see the professionalism exuded by these promotional staff, alongside the expertise to tackle any queries and concerns they may have, there is a good chance that they will be enticed even further to your brand and products.

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